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The Grooming Salon

Whether it is just a nail trim, a wash and dry or a full clip, our groomers can do it all.

Opening Hours and appointment times

Our salon is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, booking is essential. 
Please remember that, especially during the warmer months, our appointment slots are filled quickly so early booking is recommended to ensure you get the day and time that you want.

How long will my groom take? 

As a salon, we aim for quality over quantity and strive to give every dog a positive salon experience. 
The length of time that the groom will take depends on a variety of factors including, the type of groom, the breed of dog, the condition of the coat and the behaviour of the dog. Please note that the breed specific clips will take longer. 
Your groomer should be able to give you an indication of how long the groom will take when you leave your dog with us. It is recommended that you wait for a call from us before you return to the salon as your dog will usually get excited when they know that you are waiting for them and this will make it harder for us to complete the groom. 


Please advise us if your dog has any skin sensitivities so that we can use the appropriate product.
The products we have available are:
  • ProGroom Everyday
  • ProGroom Tangle-less
  • ProGroom Xtra Clean
  • Oatmella Shampoo
  • Petway Deshedding Shampoo
  • ProGroom Rehydrating Conditioner
  • Cotex Flea Rinse
  • Malaseb (for those dogs that need a more medicated shampoo - extra charge may apply)

Grooming Salon Price List

Prices indicated are starting prices and may vary depending on coat condition.
Summer Splash

Wash & Towel Dry.

Suitable only for short coated breeds during the summer months

Small $20

Medium $25

Large $30

XL $40

Wash & Dry

Wash & blow dry, suitable for short coated breeds

Small $25

Medium $30

Large $40

XL $50

Wash, Dry & Brush / Deshed

Suitable for longer coated breeds or those dogs who need deshedding

Small $40

Medium $50

Large $60

Xl / Double Coat $70

Mini Groom

Wash, dry, brush, sanitary trim, nail trim, tidy face, feet, tail and ears

Small $60

Medium $70

Large $80

XL / Double Coat $90

Full Groom (using blades)

Wash, dry, brush, full clip, nail trim

Small $70

Medium $80

Large $90

XL / Double Coat $110

Full Groom (using comb attachments)

Wash, dry, brush, full clip, nail trim

Small $80

Medium $90

Large $110

XL / Double Coat $130


Nail Trim


Face Trim


Feet Trim


Brush only

$10 per 15 minutes
Dog's coat must be clean

Matting Removal

Matting removal is a lengthy process and can be very painful for the dog.
If our groomers deem it in the best interest of the dog to shave the matting rather than try to remove it, you will be informed prior to commencing.
Where heavy matting is present, an extra charge starting from $10 may be added.  


Should fleas be discovered, a compulsory flea rinse will be given at an extra charge of $10