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Hello, my name is Bailey
And I'm a King Charles Cavalier
I come to daycare every day
To be honest, I'm the boss here!

A day at Little Rascals
Is heaps of doggy fun
With bubbles, sandpits and playgyms
And space for us to run

Let me take you on a journey
And show you all around
To discover what activities we do
And where new friends can be found

When we arrive in the morning
Our leash gets put away
We say bye to our Mum or Dad
And run on through to play

We love to catch the bubbles
As they float up in the sky
We jump as high as we possibly can
But some just go too high

Making a booking in the salon
Is an important thing to do
The groomers keep our coats maintained
And they clip our nails too

Sometimes we get so excited
That we just can't help but zoom
Stand back, take care and look out
As we run around the room

Treat puzzles are always fun
They make us use our brains
The spinny, tornado and the cones
Snuffle mats and the bottle games

For those who like some water play
We have the sprinkler and the pool
Getting your coat all soaking wet
Is the perfect way to stay cool

At times throughout the day
It's important to have a rest
With beds, blankets and even a lap
We can find where we like best

Little Rascals is the place to be
If you want to have some fun
So grab that leash and come on down
Ready, steady...RUN!!!

934 South Road, Edwardstown, SA 5039

08 8371 4445 / 0427 089 993


Monday - Friday, 7am - 6pm